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How to Fix Cursor Disappeared in Windows 10?

Many Windows 10 users have reported this error and there is no useful information available on the net. So, we have decided to find a guide by us for the cursor disappearing problem in window 10 devices.

This type of problem usually occurs when you upgrade the windows or woken the system form sleep. It can be annoying especially when you are in the middle of an important assignment. So, you might think, if I’m not able to move my cursor, how will I fix it. Well, don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for this kind of problem in windows 10.

The fixes we are about to tell you don’t need the mouse support; you would be able to do it with the keyboard.

Let’s get started.

Re-enable the Mouse

First, you need to try to re-enable the mouse because sometimes when the computer wakes from sleep, the mouse gets disabled. Re-enabling the mouse will restore the cursor and you will be able to work again with your mouse cursor.

Here is how you need to proceed for the process:

In a few laptops, there is a dedicated key to enable/disable the Mouse on your device. So, find the key and try to enable/ disable the mouse.

In that case, This solution is doesn’t work, you can try the mouse settings option on windows 10 to enable/disable the cursor. Here are the steps:

· Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type ‘Mouse’. You will see the ‘Mouse Setting’ appear on the search result, hit enter if it is highlighted. If not, use arrow keys to select it and then hit Enter.

· It will open the Mouse settings window; you will have to press the tab button until you reach the Additional Mouse options and hit Enter again to open it.

· Now, in the Mouse Properties window, click the tab until the buttons tab is selected and then you have to use arrow keys to navigate to the Device Settings Tab.

· If the device is disabled, press tab and reach the Enable button and press Enter.

If that was the problem with your device, it will solve it pretty easily and you will be able to use the mouse cursor once again.

If not, then you have to go on and update the mouse drivers on your device.

Update Mouse Driver

You should update drivers when the Cursor Disappears Windows 10 devices. Here are the steps you need to update the drivers.

· Press the Windows button on the keyboard and type Device Manager and hit Enter while the first option is selected.

· Once the Device Manager opens, you have to hit the tab until you are inside and then use the arrow key to navigate. Select the ‘Mice and other pointing devices’ option and expand it using the right arrow key.

· Now, select the Mice option and hit Enter to open its properties.

· Then, you need to press the tab and arrow keys to navigate to the Driver tab.

· Then, you can use the tab button to click on the Update Driver button.

This way you can update the driver on your computer without using the mouse. Most seemingly it will resolve the mouse pointer disappears error on windows 10 device. If not, then you will need support from the Microsoft team.

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